Children’s vision care should begin early and continue throughout childhood and adolescence. During an infant exam, we are able to detect congenital eye disorders that may impede proper eye development. That is why we are so proud to be affiliated with the nation wide InfantSEE program. This program advocates that ALL infants should have a comprehensive eye and vision exam between the ages of 6 and 12 months. As a participating provider with InfantSEE, we offer this exam at a no-cost public service.

As children develop, their eyes grow and change with the rest of their bodies. They can develop an array of vision conditions that cause distorted vision and result in complications during their school years.  An estimated one in four children suffers from some kind of vision problem. Untreated vision discrepancies can lead to academic, athletic and social handicaps that hold kids back from their ultimate potential.

The staff at Lyles Eye Center does an excellent job at caring for pediatric patients. We do our best to make them feel comfortable and ensure a pleasant experience. We want every child to see their best, so they can be their best!
Below is a list of some common vision conditions found in children:
• Myopia 
• Hyperopia 
• Astigmatism
• Amblyopia
• Strabismus
• Accomodative dysfunction
• Computer vision syndrome